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The workshops will provide participants with hands on experience of new Web 2.0 tools, and the opportunity to learn from experts in the area of ICT in veterinary education. In turn, the experts – the workshop facilitators – are keen to learn from the opinions and experiences of their workshop participants.


Your workshop preferences can be made in advance during registration or during the summer school. Below is a list of the workshop themes and facilitators.


Workshop session I (Thursday 13.30-15.00)

Case based learning / Virtual Patients: Introduction and “first steps” (Jan Ehlers, Chris Trace & Liz Mossop) Poster

Podcast and video-podcasts (Christoph Tenhaven) Poster

Use of e-learning in continuing veterinary education (Lisa Schaper & Marton Balogh)

The dark side of social media: sex, lies and videotapes (well, YouTube-movies) (Jean de Gooier) Poster

Online communities, a new way of continuing learning in practice (Peter van Beukelen / Wim Kremer)

Workshop session II (Thursday 15.30-17.00)

Case based learning / Virtual Patients: “Visionary” discussions about the use and cooperations (Jan Ehlers, Liz Mossop, Marta Kankofer & Chris Trace) Poster

E-learning for cattle vets (Marion Tischer)

Social media in veterinary practice: cheap marketing or expensive waste of time? (Franca Jonquiere & Maarten Moleman) Poster

Mobile devices in veterinary practice: Inspector Gadget meets James Herriot (Tobias Boerboom) Poster

Workshop session III (Friday 15.30-17.00)

E-assessment (Jan Ehlers) Poster

WikiVet (Nick Short, Chris Trace and Barbora Stanikova) Poster

Use of e-learning in basic science (e.g. physiology)(Marta Kankofer)

Use of electronic stethoscopes and digital phonocardiography in teaching veterinary cardiology (Károly Vörös)

Xerte and open source materials (Liz Mossop & Zoe Belshaw) Poster